UN Clinic Laboratory Technician At UNDP

The Objective of the United Nations (UN) Clinic is to provide primary clinical care and occupational health services to all locally and internationally recruited personnel of the UN Common System and their recognized dependents. Dedicated, effective primary health, occupational health and emergency medical services may mitigate negative outcomes of trauma, injuries and health complications providing better chances for saving lives as well as for faster and better recovery.

The UN Clinic in Accra is part of the UN Common Services of the UN Country Team in Ghana and is administered by UNDP Ghana. The clinic operates under the overall coordination of the UN Resident Coordinator for Ghana and is managed by the UN Health Manager for Ghana.

The technical supervision of the Health Manager and the medical personnel in the field and the performance evaluation will be executed by the UN Medical Director or his nominee. To ensure this, UNDP should grant access to the Division of Healthcare Management, Occupational Safety and Health (DHMOSH) in HQ for its performance appraisal report as needed.

Duties And Responsibilities

Under the supervision of the UN Clinic Health Manager or his/her nominee and within delegated authority, the Laboratory Technician will be responsible for the following duties.

Laboratory Testing

  • Attend to the UN Clinic laboratory to ensure smooth operation of the day-to-day functions.
  • Performs all laboratory tests (including hematology, chemistry and microbiology tests) as requested by the UN Clinic Physician in a prompt and professional manner
  • Draws blood samples applying international sterilization and bio safety standards.
  • Autoclave and sterilize the instruments and containers following international standard of bio safety.

Laboratory Management

  • Ensure that the laboratory test reports are managed in a timely, promptly, and confidential manner.
  • Ensure regular maintenance of all laboratory equipment following the technical specifications of the equipment manufacturers.
  • Promptly address issues with regards to quality of laboratory testing and maintenance to ensure the best quality of tdiagnostic services.

Healthcare Quality And Patient Safety Standards

  • Collects and labels relevant test samples for different tests following international bio safety standards.
  • Ensure safe handling and safe disposal of all waste bio-hazardous materials in compliance with the international standards and practices.
  • Support the UN Health Manager in elaborating SOPs to comply with UN Healthcare and Patient Safety Standards as needed..

Lead For Waste Management

  • Ensure appropriate disposal of hazardous material following international standards of bio safety in coordination with the UN Health manager, Doctors and Nurse.

Health Promotion

  • Participate in planning, organizing and implementing preventive health services as well as health promotion activities at the UN Clinic.
  • Support education of staff members and families during health campaigns
  • Plan for conducting external laboratory tests for UN staff when required.

Administrative Duties

  • Keep written record of laboratory assests and protocols
  • Recommend procurement of laboratory supplies and equipment and ensure that inventory is kept updated.
  • Keep records of all work done in the laboratory and provide statistical reports regarding laboratory activities.
  • Participate in the preparedness and response to cooperate protocols such as business continuity plans, contingency plans, etc.


  • Performs other related duties as required.
  • Institutional Arrangement


February 2024