Senior Research Consultant, At International Water Management Institute (IWMI)

Senior Research Consultant – CIP(Ghana) Remote Ghana Closing date: May 12, 2024


The International Potato Center (CIP), a CGIAR Research Center, is seeking a highly skilled candidate specialized in Sustainable agriculture.

This position is a remote role telecommuting to Accra, Ghana, and will be hosted by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI).

The International Potato Center (CIP), Alliance Bioversity International, and CIAT, under the Biodiversity in Agriculture Flagship Report, embarked on a comprehensive journey to develop Country Studies for Ghana and Ethiopia. This endeavor aims to address and mitigate the adverse effects of agriculture-driven nature loss through innovative and sustainable management approaches. Recognizing the critical intersection between agriculture and biodiversity, the project seeks to explore, document, and analyze the dynamic interplay between farming practices and environmental conservation. With a focus on Ghana and Ethiopia, the study is part of a broader effort that includes Colombia, India, and other nations, reflecting a global commitment to sustainable agricultural development that harmonizes with nature conservation.


  •  Assessment of Agricultural Systems: Analyze the current state of agricultural practices in Ethiopia and Ghana, identifying systems that contribute to biodiversity loss and environmental degradation. This includes examining dryland agriculture, pastoralism, cacao farming systems, and the impacts of deforestation and illegal mining.
  •  Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with local stakeholders, including farmers, community leaders, policymakers, and conservationists, to gather insights and foster collaboration. This engagement is crucial for understanding the local context, validating findings, and ensuring the relevance of proposed solutions.
  •  Biodiversity Loss Drivers: Identify and assess the key drivers of biodiversity loss in both countries, such as agricultural expansion, overharvesting, climate change, and illegal mining. Understanding these drivers is essential for developing targeted interventions.
  •  Sustainable Management Approaches: Explore and document sustainable management approaches and technologies that can mitigate the identified environmental impacts. This includes regenerative forestry systems, enhanced land tenure and resource management, shade tree cultivation, and participatory varietal selection.
  •  Financial Analysis and Policy Documentation: Conduct financial analyses of the proposed sustainable management approaches to evaluate their economic viability. Document policy reforms and public investment strategies that could support the transition to sustainable practices.
  •  Report Compilation: Compile comprehensive reports for stakeholders, summarizing the findings, analyses, and recommendations. These reports should serve as a resource for informing policy, guiding investment decisions, and promoting sustainable agricultural practices in Ethiopia and Ghana.




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  •  Master’s degree or higher in a relevant discipline in agriculture, environmental science, economics, or a related field.



  •  At least 5 years work experience in sustainable agricultural practices and technologies.
  •  Familiarity with nature conservation and ecosystem management.
  •  Understanding of agricultural policy development and implementation.


  •  Ability to conduct thorough research on agricultural systems, environmental impacts, and policy frameworks and proficiency in data analysis.
  •  Demonstrated skills and experience in financial analysis, monitoring, and reporting.
  •  Ability to analysis using statistical software such as R, Python, or SPSS.
  •  Strong organizational skills, effective at managing multiple tasks in a timely manner.


  •  Excellent oral and written language skills in English, including effective listening and strong verbal and written communication abilities.


This is a nationally hired consultancy; therefore, individuals with relevant abilities are encouraged to apply. IWMI offers a competitive monthly rate for this assignment. The duration of the contract will be for a period of three (03) months.

HOW TO APPLY: Apply for the position by following the application instructions at We will be accepting applications through 24:00 (IST) on May 12, 2024 (applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis). Your application must include a CV, cover letter, and three (3) references, which may be contacted if you are shortlisted. Receipt of all applications will be acknowledged, but only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

IWMI believes that diversity powers our innovation, contributes to our excellence, and is critical for our mission. We offer a multi-cultural, multi-color, multi-generational and multi-disciplinary working environment. We are consciously creating an inclusive organization that reflects our global character and our commitment to gender equity. We, therefore, encourage applicants from all cultures, races, ethnicities, religions, sexes, national or regional origins, ages, disability status, sexual orientations, and gender identities.


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