Section Leader (Electrical Systems) IO0042, Saint Paul-lez-Durance, France At ITER Organization

Closing date: Thursday, 18 May 2023

The ITER Organization brings together people from all over the world to be part of a thrilling human adventure in southern France—building the ITER Tokamak. We require the best people in every domain. We offer challenging full-time assignments in a wide range of areas and encourage applications from candidates with all levels of experience, from recent graduates to experienced professionals. Applications from under-represented ITER Members and from female candidates are strongly encouraged as the ITER Organization supports diversity and gender equality in the workplace. Our working environment is truly multi-cultural, with 29 different nationalities represented among staff. The ITER Organization Code of Conduct gives guidance in matters of professional ethics to all staff and serves as a reference for the public with regards to the standards of conduct that third parties are entitled to expect when dealing with the ITER Organization. The south of France is blessed with a very privileged living environment and a mild and sunny climate. The ITER Project is based in Saint Paul-lez-Durance, located between the southern Alps and the Mediterranean Sea—an area offering every conceivable sporting, leisure, and cultural opportunity.

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Application deadline: 19/05/2023

Domain: Science & Operation Domain

Department: Science, Controls & Operation Department

Division: Operations Division

Section: Electrical Power Distribution Section

Job Family: Line Management and Group Leaders

Job Role: Section Leader

Job Grade: P5

Language requirements: Fluent in English (written & spoken)

Contract duration: Up to 5 years


As the Electrical Power Distribution (EPD) Section Leader, you will lead all activities related to construction, commissioning and operation of electrical components and systems supporting ITER plant systems. This will include managing interfaces with Engineering and Construction departments, execution of procurement contract placed by the ITER Organization (IO), leading the section, and completing the Procurement Arrangements (PAs).

Background information:

The Operations Division is responsible for developing plans, procedures and for implementation of commissioning, operation and maintenance of the ITER Tokamak and plant systems.

Electrical Power Distribution System is composed of high voltage substations connected to the French grid at 400kV. For steady-state clients, the system distributes power at 22 kV to several Medium Voltage substations powering the biggest loads at 6.6kV, and to Load Centres which are delivering 400V to all plant systems. For pulsed clients, the system distributes power at 66 kV and 22 kV to AC/DC convertors and Heating systems. As significant installation has been completed in ITER site, the selected applicant will become responsible for an extensive and powerful system.

Key Duties, Scope, and Level of Accountability

  •  Supervises and directs task assignments, budget planning and execution, follow-up and scheduling of the EPD Section’s activities;
  •  Manages the EPD staff, providing effective leadership for the Section, ensuring team members are motivated and constantly developing their skills and experience;
  •  Completes the installation, commissioning of the Electrical Power Distribution in the Detailed Work Breakdown Structure Schedule (DWBS);
  •  Operates and maintains the components of the Electrical Power Distribution and assumes the role of electrical operation responsible, as well as facility responsible;
  •  Responsible for commissioning and operation of Investment Protection and Emergency Power supplies (i.e., UPS and Diesel generators);
  •  Manages the on-site integration of the EPD Section;
  •  Manages all interfaces within the components of the EPD and with the other ITER systems, particularly those requiring electrical power from the EPD, and interfaces with the ITER Control system, and the buildings and site layout;
  •  Supports the licensing activities and assessment of safety related functions, especially the Emergency Power systems in close contact to the Environmental Protection & Nuclear Safety Division;
  •  Supervises procurement and contracts with suppliers;
  •  Provides expert support in the electrical disciplines in the design and procurement phases, particularly in HV to other ITER entities;
  •  Takes part in the on-call duty service established by the ITER Organization outside normal working hours, including nights, weekends and public holidays;
  •  Manage electrical operations, maintenance teams and associated contractors including their participation in on-call duty;
  •  May be requested to be part of any of the project/construction teams and to perform other duties in support of the project.

Measure of Effectiveness

  •  Demonstrates efficient leadership in supervising staff of the section and developing their competencies and ensuring commitment of the team to achieve the IO goals;
  •  Proactively supports the Operations Division Head in preparing ITER operations, in particular, for the defined scope of activities;
  •  Completes the construction and commissioning, including the prompt identification of solutions required to address technical issues and establishing priority level and means of their implementation, in accordance with the applicable schedule;
  •  Establishes a mechanism for EPD integration and interface with other ITER systems;
  •  Ensures good communication and productive collaboration with other sections and departments of the ITER Organization on EPD related issues;
  •  Takes proactive actions to anticipate issues during commissioning and transition to operation, and develops corrective solutions;
  •  Responsible for Section deliverables meeting safety standards, quality schedule and cost requirements;
  •  Ensures that ITER Project Specifications and Project Requirements related to operations are properly understood and implemented in the operations technical baseline and technical procedures.
  •  Provides strong leadership in safety and propagates all safety related requirements effectively within the section and wider-IO;

Collaborates effectively and professionally with all stakeholders and maintains excellent relations with interfacing teams

Experience & Profile

  •  Professional Experience:
    •  Minimum 10 years’ experience in managing high voltage electrical power systems in the field of construction, commissioning and operations within complex international environments or projects;
    •  Professional experience in energy management and electricity procurement would be an advantage.
  •  Education:
    •  Master’s degree or equivalent in Electrical Engineering .
  •  Language requirements:
    •  Fluent in English (written and spoken);
    •  French language skills (written and spoken) to communicate and collaborate with French Network Operators.
  •  Technical competencies and demonstrated experience in:
    •  Electrical Standards: good knowledge of French and International electrical standards and design criteria for Nuclear Safety Relevant components and safety functions of electrical distribution.
    •  Engineering management/coordination of activities: including interactions with experts of 400 kV substations, step down transformers, Very High, Medium and Low Voltage distribution systems and electrical installations, of rated power above 50 MVA, preferably in a nuclear industry environment (research facility or fusion environment will be considered a strong advantage);Team Building and Management: providing leadership, work direction and ensuring development of competencies for a multicultural team, including coaching team members and developing their competencies;
    •  Interface Management: propagation of requirements in terms of the operation and proof of compliance.
    •  Commissioning, Delivery & Operations Execution: Execute tasks with consistency whilst adapting to a changing context;
    •  Design and procurement of electrical components and systems;
    •  Project Management: Preparation of technical specifications for procurement contracts of large electrical components/subsystems, including procurement contracts for operation and maintenance, and contracts for purchase of electricity. Ability to define reporting and control requirements, analyze and conclude on overall project status, define and decide actions for recovery with full transparency and report to highest levels of stakeholders of the ITER Project.
  •  Behavioral Competencies:
    •  Collaborate: Ability to facilitate dialogue with a wide variety of contributors and stakeholders;
    •  Communicate Effectively: Ability to adjust communication content and style to deliver messages to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment;
    •  Drive results: Ability to persist in the face of challenges to meet deadlines with high standards;
    •  Manage Complexity: Ability to analyze multiple and diverse sources of information to understand/define problems accurately before moving to proposals;
    •  Instill trust: Ability to apply high standards of team mindset, trust, excellence, loyalty and integrity .

The following important information shall apply to all jobs at ITER Organization:

  •  Maintains a strong commitment to the implementation and perpetuation of the ITER Safety Program, ITER Values (Trust; Loyalty; Integrity; Excellence; Team mind set; Diversity and Inclusiveness) and Code of Conduct;
  •  ITER Core technical competencies of 1) Nuclear Safety, environment, radioprotection and pressured equipment 2) Occupational Health, safety & security 3) Quality assurance processes. Knowledge of these competencies may be acquired through on-board training at basic understanding level for all ITER staff members;
  •  Implements the technical control of the Protection Important Activities, as well as their propagation to the entire supply chain;
  •  May be requested to work on beryllium-containing components. In this case, you will be required to follow the established ITER Beryllium Management Program for working safely with beryllium. Training and support will be provided by the ITER Organization;
  •  May be requested to be part of any of the project/construction teams and to perform other duties in support of the project;
  •  Informs the IO Director-General, Domain Head, or Department/Office Head of any important and urgent issues that cannot be handled by line management and that may jeopardize the achievement of the Project’s objectives.


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