ICT Lead Instructor/Social Media Assistant At Mission Africa Institute Of Technology

Job Description

Position : ICT Lead Instructor/Social Media AssistantPosition: ICT Lead Instructor/Social Media Assistant

Planning lessons and activities that facilitate students’ acquisition of basic and advanced computer skills. Instructing in a manner that develops students’ confidence in their abilities Observing and managing classroom dynamics Invigilating and grading projects, quizzes, and examinations

IT teachers are required to plan their lessons according to both state and national curricula, incorporating technological elements into each lesson.

The ICT manager advises and supports school management in planning and implementing ICT plans. Performs regular maintenance procedures and makes sure the necessary security measures are taken. The ICT Director is responsible for managing the communications, workstations, and servers of the school computer network. Makes sure all software is updated to meet the needs of the college.

The instructor of the ICT department is responsible for the setup, maintenance, successful functioning, and administration of the entire ICT department. He must work as a team leader and produce positive results.

Job responsibilities will include:

  • Planning and execution of the college’s ICT plans by working with based ICT Partners, and providing advice on suitable ICT tools and applications embedded into the school’s ICT plans
  • Support teachers in their adoption of good ICT practice by exploring ICT tools and applications for use during teaching and learning

The computer instructor job description should contain a variety of functions and roles, including:

  • Planning lessons and activities that facilitate students’ acquisition of basic and advanced computer skills.
  • Instructing in a manner that develops students’ confidence in their abilities
  • Observing and managing classroom dynamics
  • Ensuring that the computer laboratory remains free from food and drink at all times.
  • Downloading important software updates and maintaining hardware
  • Invigilating and grading projects, quizzes, and examinations.
  • Excellent presentation abilities.
  • Good interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills
  • Meticulousness and ability to multi-task
  • Ability to work well in teams as well as independently in a fast-paced environment
  • Good customer-service orientation and people management skills
  • Good analytical, conceptualization, and problem-solving skills
  • Innovative spirit and drive to achieve business goals and customer satisfaction
  • High degree of integrity and commitment to delivering quality work
  • Preferably with at least 3 years of relevant experience in an Information Technology-related environment
  • The Head of Computing and ICT is responsible for curriculum and assessment arrangements and the planning of pupils’ learning experiences in line with the National Curriculum and school policy in the department.
  • Developing and selecting suitable learning resources and materials.
  • Organising all curricular matters pertaining to the subject, including syllabuses, timetable information, and staff allocation in consultation with the curriculum deputy, option lists, setting arrangements, and allocation of pupils to appropriate teaching groups.
  • The Head of Computing and ICT is responsible for the routine administration, documentation, and organisation of the department.
  • Incorporating departmental planning into a full scheme of work of teaching programs.
  •  Producing, implementing, and evaluating the annual departmental development plan.
  • Ensuring that all required departmental documentation is available for inspection.
  • Producing a half-term report on the Computing and ICT department, evaluating areas such as teaching and learning, homework, intervention, and curriculum.
  • Managing and supporting the work of the teaching and non-teaching staff in the department by induction, guidance, and advice.
  • The Head of Computing and ICT is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the work of the department.
  • Interpreted the educational program to the community through such activities as open houses, back-to-school nights, and meetings as needed.
  • Develop and lead the delivery of a highly effective curriculum at all key stages
  • Teach engaging and effective lessons that motivate, inspire and improve attainment.
  • To review and amend, as appropriate, the schemes of work annually according to developments in education.

The ICT Director is responsible for all tasks related to the installation, maintenance, and management of the School computer network to meet the needs of curricula and administrative tasks.

Monitor Student Progress by Administrating Assignments, Quizzes, and Tests

Like all teachers, IT teachers have to create assignments, quizzes, and tests that measure the competency level of their students. Good teachers routinely analyze the results of each assignment to see which students need more work on a given concept.

Specific tasks

  • Recruit students for the college
  • Be able to teach all ICT programs
  • Set up, manage, and maintain school operational and educational systems.
  • Maintain and develop the school website in line with Communications.
  • Manage student and staff email accounts
  • Set up and manage the school network infrastructure, servers, and workstations.
  • Provide advice on networking, purchasing, and any relevant contractors to the Head of the School.
  • Develop, implement, and monitor school practices for data protection, internet use, e-mail, security, and ICT resource management.
  • Ensure that the network is operational during access hours and appropriate backup protocols are implemented.
  • Responsible for managing a regular ICT maintenance program and resolving failures in hardware and software.
  • Maintenance and configuration of network devices including access points, wireless controller, backbone, and firewall
  • Maintenance and configuration of projectors, sound, and video mixers
  • Manage and maintain the School website using industry-standard website technologies.
  • Ensuring tasks are implemented with necessary training and follow-


Required profile for job ad : ICT Lead Instructor/Social Media AssistantRequired profile for job ad : ICT Lead Instructor/Social Media Assistant

  • In commonly-used Apple apps.
  • In Google Suite for Education (namely Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Slides).
  • Proficient in video/photo editing software.
  • Proficient in multimedia and graphic design.
  • Proficient in photography and videography skills.
  • Good Social Media Marketing


  • To be able to recruit students through social media and other programs
  • Must be able to instruct students in a two-year ICT program designed by the College
  •  Networking (N+)
  •  Hardware (A+)
  • Windows Server 2003, 2010, 2012
  • Cisco Network
  • ICND
  • Coral DrawI



Job criteria for job ad : ICT Lead Instructor/Social Media Assistant
Job category :
IT, new technologies
Industries :
Education, training
IT, software engineering, Internet
Marketing, communication, media
Research and development
Employment type :
Permanent contract
Region :
Greater Accra
City : Spintex Road, Accra
Experience level :
2 to 5 years
Educational level :
Spoken language :
Key Skills :
3D 2D


December 2023