Regional Manager At happy sunshine

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:
1. Based on market dynamics and needs, work with the regional sales general manager to implement and evaluate the sales strategy for each region, assign monthly tasks and payments for the designated region, and closely monitor the completion results.

2. Develop personal weekly sales plan, customer visit plan and market development plan.

3. Collect customer data. After the order is completed, all customer information, etc. need to be organized, archived and saved.

4. Carry out daily management and supervision of CA performance in designated markets, collect CA weekly reports and send weekly reports to regional sales managers.

5. Cooperate in detail with the regional general manager on the execution plan (such as sales targets) with the truck sales and promotion team and sales staff of the relevant functional department marketing department to ensure that the sales team’s performance (sales, profit and loss) increases in each period.

6. Establish and maintain good professional relationships/partnerships with distributors, wholesalers and retailers to ensure the continuity of sales operations.

7. Maintain the standards of product display of our brand.

8. Assist the regional general manager to guide SR to implement the sales plan.

9. Gain a deeper understanding of our industry and monitor and report on the prices of direct competitors in the market. Receive daily reports from Sales Executives on “Market Developments”. After receiving all information, report to IMSC Sales General Manager and make suggestions.

10. Prepare weekly inventory balance reports for key accounts to the IMSC Sales General Manager.

Employee management
1. Establish effective leadership

2. Build a culture of mutual respect and teamwork.

3. Assist the regional general manager to formulate the company’s business strategies and plans in the northern and southern regions, and allocate human resources according to the needs of the market development situation and the deployment of the human resources department.

4. Discuss with the regional sales manager to formulate monthly sales plans and sales targets.

5. Pay close attention to the weekly and monthly reports of audit SR. Ensure weekly sales reports are timely and complete.

6. Work well with the Regional Sales Manager on various marketing activities and investigate any issues related to our products. Provide timely feedback to the customer service department to satisfy customers.

7. Carry out daily management and supervision of CA’s performance in designated markets, collect CA weekly reports and send weekly reports to the IMSC general manager.

1.Bachelor’s degree or above, master’s degree is preferred.

2.Major in marketing at university.

1.Experience in business management.

2.Experience of managing teams.

3.Proven knowledge of Ghana Consumer Market. Minimum of 4-5 years’ relevant experience in a similar position in the Food and Beverages industry /FMCG

4.Experience in handling Key distributors and ability to support the development of RTM Model & Strategy

5.Excellent hands-on Sales Training and Development experience Excellent hands-on experience in Data Analysis, Word and Powerpoimt, especially Excel skills.

6.Familiar with the key drivers of sales force effectiveness and the capabilities, processes and practices required to drive them.

7.Skills Deep knowledge of Sales, Distribution and Logistics with firm understanding of retail trade dynamics Strong knowledge of both internal and external influencers within the food industry 8.High level of analytical skills with detail orientation

9.Excellent written and oral communication skills Technology inclined and excellent project management skills.

10.Open mindset, proactiveness and teamwork Aligned with Happy Sunshine Purpose and Values


People management

Relationship management

Management of performance

Resource management


Team work – build and develop high performance

Method of Application

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Closing Date : 20th March, 2024

April 2024