Programme Analyst, Bangkok, Thailand Country Office, FTA, NO-A, Bangkok, Thailand At UNDP – United Nations Development Programme

Closing date: Thursday, 18 May 2023

Job Identification : 10250

Locations : Bangkok, Thailand

Posting Date : 04/28/2023, 04:11 AM

Apply Before : 05/19/2023, 04:11 AM

Job Schedule : Full time

Grade : NOA

Vacancy Type : Fixed Term

Rotational/Non Rotational


Contract Duration : 1 Year with Possibility for extension

Education & Work Experience : Master’s Degree – 2 year(s) experience

Other Criteria : Experience in programme/ project management is desirable

Required Languages : English

Desired Languages : Thai

Vacancy Timeline

3 Weeks

Job Category : Sexual & Reproductive Health

Job Description

The Position:

The Programme Analyst assists in the analysis and assessment of relevant political, social and economic trends, guiding and facilitating the delivery of UNFPA’s programmes.

This post is located in Bangkok with UNFPA Thailand Country office and is required regular travelling to project(s) sites upcountry.

Under the general supervision of Head of Office for UNFPA Thailand Programme, the Programme Analyst will report directly to the National Programme Officer assigned for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Right, to support of the achievement of the goal of the ICPD, UNFPA Three Transformative Results, current twelfth country programme and the agreed results of the project (s) under UNFPA-private sector strategic partnership. S/he will also work closely with programme and operations personnel of UNFPA Thailand Country Office.

How you can make a difference:

UNFPA is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled. UNFPA’s strategic plan (2022-2025), reaffirms the relevance of the current strategic direction of UNFPA and focuses on three transformative results: to end preventable maternal deaths; end unmet need for family planning; and end gender-based violence and harmful practices. These results capture our strategic commitments on accelerating progress towards realizing the ICPD and SDGs in the Decade of Action leading up to 2030. Our strategic plan calls upon UN Member States, organizations and individuals to “build forward better”, while addressing the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on women’s and girls’ access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights, recover lost gains and realize our goals.

In a world where fundamental human rights are at risk, we need principled and ethical staff, who embody these international norms and standards, and who will defend them courageously and with full conviction.

UNFPA is seeking candidates that transform, inspire and deliver high impact and sustained results; we need staff who are transparent, exceptional in how they manage the resources entrusted to them and who commit to deliver excellence in programme results.

Job Purpose:

The Programme Analyst manages the projects funded by other resource under UNFPA and strategic partnerships with private partners. This includes but not limited to the Empowering our Youth project (2023-2026) which focuses on promoting access to Sexual and Reproductive Health services and rights of young people in Thailand. Project management responsibilities include design & planning, implementation, monitoring planned activities, supporting the evaluation, coordination with private partners, donors and other relevant stakeholders, supporting communication initiatives to promote visibility of the project(s), and reporting progress and results of the assigned project(s). Successful results of the project(s) contribute to the achievement of UNFPA Thailand’s Country Programme Document (2022-2026). Within UNFPA’s rules, regulations and good practices, the Programme Analyst applies established systems, policies, and procedures in implementation of the assigned project(s); he/she is in the creation of substantive knowledge by compiling, synthesizing, and analyzing information relevant to programme outcomes and outputs. S/he is instrumental in facilitating and managing programme/project implementation using and developing appropriate mechanisms and systems and ensuring compliance with established procedures.

The incumbent will perform the following within the delegated authority:

  •  As part of team member, the frontliner to manage the project (s) under UNFPA strategic partnership with private partners by keeping abreast of agreement and legal framework and social policies related to key UNFPA priorities and participating actively in relevant forums, meetings, and consultations.
  •  Gather, analyze, share, and update the relevant programme data to support the achievement of the ICPD, UNFPA’s 3 Transformative Results, UNSDCF, and agreed project’s key performance indicators.
  •  Provide support to project’s partners and stakeholders at local, sub-national, and national levels to achieve the agreed results and changes made by the project(s).
  •  Ensure the full participation of rights-holders especially youths, women, girls, and those from vulnerable populations including ethnicity, poverty, disability and culturally sensitive backgrounds in the project implementation, monitoring, review, and evaluation of the project (s).
  •  Maintain contacts and good rapport with key individuals, key network partners and with key government ministries who are project’s stakeholders at national and sub-national levels.
  •  Ensure the project governance is well arranged and follow-up according to the agreed timeline and actionable points discussed. Which includes the regular project management meetings at global and project committee meetings at field level.
  •  Facilitate and support the communication related activities at sub-national level agreed with UNFPA, Private Partners, and other Partners in compliance with UNFPA corporate guideline
  •  Ensure that all project activities and project management approaches are aligned with UNFPA’s corporate rules, regulations, and standards.

You would be responsible for:

Under the direct supervision of National Programme Officer assigned for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Right, the incumbent will assist in implementing and maintaining programme interventions and activities including:

  •  Manage the project and its Implementing Partners (IPs) in the UNFPA system which include:
    •  Perform a day-to-day management role of the project including ensuring project delivery through IPs management, overseeing activities implementation, closely working with associated project-related personnel in programmatic, financial, operation and communication aspects of the project.
    •  Closely work with UNFPA CO’s Programme Associate to ensure the Ips registration, planning, reviewing, following up, updating, and monitoring against agreed actions and budget implementation in the given period.
    •  Closely work with responsible programme and operations staff and ensure the arrangement of required training and support IPs on the UNFPA IP management system throughout the projec.
    •  Ensure IPs implement project with right-based approach and according to UNFPA policy.
  •  Facilitate voices and demands of the project stakeholders, right holders, and partners apart from the Implementing partner to:
    •  Ensure responses and recommendations from stakeholders especially youths and women from vulnerable background are well taken and considered by IPs and is reflected in IPs’ planning, implementation, and report.
    •  Ensure full and active participations of youths and women.
  •  Monitor project progress according to agreed workplan and results to:
    •  Ensure quality of the implementation of planned project activities agreed by different partners/IPs.
    •  Regular follow-up with IPs and partners to gather information, analyses, and data.
    •  Ensure all planned results are well reflected at sub-activities and well recognized by all stakeholders and partners.
    •  Ensure the submission of IP’s project progress report.
    •  Record and maintain monitoring report against planned activities, KPIs, and UNFPA CPD-RRF
    •  Facilitate the overall monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of project results against the Project Document/proposal in compliance with UNFPA standard practice.
    •  Regularly meeting with supervisor and project team to update project progress, challenges and collectively identify solutions to overcome the challenges, and underline the opportunities.
  •  Manage project governance at the field level by:
    •  Organising periodical project meetings as per agreed by all partners. Ensuring the agreed KPIs and results as indicated in the project M&E Framework are delivered timely and contributed to the achievement of Country Programme Document Result-Resource Framework (CPD-RRF).
    •  In case the revision of outcomes and outputs is required, ensure the collective solutions and comments from all actors especially donors, IPs & Partners and UNFPA both Thailand Office and PRM Branch.
    •  Act as the secretary of the project committee to support with information and data regarding project and its results.
  •  Support the regular communication and update with donor(s) and UNFPA HQ through:
    •  Provision of quarterly project report and required periodically project progress reports.
    •  Ensure for the arrangement of regular meetings with donors, partners (if required) and UNFPA with agenda, keep record of meeting, presentations, etc.
  •  Evidence based policy advocacy:
    •  Coordinate with consultants and partners to ensure all agreed necessary evidence are in place.
    •  Ensure views and recommendations of youths and women are included in the project evidence (studies, reviews, etc.)
    •  Prepare substantive points and recommendations for policy brief, and policy and public advocacy for the improvement of national SRHR/FP for young people, women, and all genders.
    •  Support the field-based collection of good practices for sharing with line ministries and other countries through South-South Cooperation
  •  Support the project visibility, campaigns on rights to SRHR for women and youths, and change made by the project by:
    •  Supporting the field visits of donor, partners, and policy makers.
    •  Coordinate with UNFPA CO communication unit in collection of fields based visual materials including photos, VDO clips, logo, etc.; and c) use of project logo in all activities according to UNFPA corporate guideline.
    •  Facilitate the agreed public campaigns with local partners, IPs, etc. in the project areas.
    •  Provide comments and feedback to communication unit on sensitive issues or potential challenges regarding culturally sensitive issues to prevent damage to UNFPA reputation.

Qualifications and Experience:


Advanced degree in health, population, demography and/or other related social science discipline

Knowledge and Experience:

  •  Up to two years professional experience in the field of development and population activities, with experience in programme/ project management is desirable.
  •  Practical experience in design, monitoring and evaluation of development projects.
  •  Experience using office software packages and web-based management systems.


Fluency in English; knowledge of other official UN languages, preferably French and/or Spanish, is desirable.

Required Competencies:


  •  Exemplifying integrity,
  •  Demonstrating commitment to UNFPA and the UN system,
  •  Embracing cultural diversity,
  •  Embracing change

Core Competencies:

  •  Achieving results,
  •  Being accountable,
  •  Developing and applying professional expertise/business acumen,
  •  Thinking analytically and strategically,
  •  Working in teams/managing ourselves and our relationships,
  •  Communicating for impact

Functional Competencies:

  •  Advocacy/ Advancing a policy-oriented agenda
  •  Leveraging the resources of national governments and partners/ building strategic alliances and partnerships
  •  Delivering results-based programmes
  •  Internal and external communication and advocacy for results mobilisation


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