Nanny Visa to Canada From India

Are you interested in learning more about the nanny visa to Canada from India? In this article, we’ll show you all you need to know about getting a nanny visa to Canada from India. Canada is a well-known destination for people looking for unique opportunities to work and earn a noble living which is the reason many Indians want to emigrate to Canada to work there.


Many Indians choose to work as nannies because of the many career prospects in this field. In Canada, many families face the challenges of how to care for their aged loved ones and their kids who can’t care for themselves while they are at work.


Fortunately, the Canadian government has acknowledged this challenge and has put forward the Nanny Visa, which is a program designed to help Canadian families bring their nannies or caregivers from abroad.


So, in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Nanny Visa program for Indian residents looking to work in Canada as caregivers.

Detailed Explanation of What Nanny Visa Is


A nanny visa allows foreigners from other nations across the globe to travel into a country to work as a nanny or a domestic caregiver for a family.


This type of visa is meant for people who want to help others take care of their kids, disabled people, or aged parents for a particular period.


The requirements and eligibility for a nanny visa vary depending on the country in which the visa is being applied for. Generally, applicants must demonstrate that they have a valid job offer from a family sponsoring their visa.

Types of Nanny Visa to Canada from India

The Canadian government has made it possible for Indians who want to enter Canada to work as nannies to have access to different types of visas and to choose the one that best suits them. Check them out below:

Live-in Caregiver Program


The Canadian government designs the live-in caregiver program for Individuals who want to work as caregivers in Canada. So, If you’re a resident of India, you should apply for this type of visa. Candidates must meet specific educational and linguistic standards and have an employment offer from a Canadian family.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program


The temporary foreign worker program is designed for people who desire to enter  Canada and find employment in several fields, including childcare. To be considered for this type of visa, the person must meet particular language and educational standards.


Also, the applicant must have gotten a job offer from a Canadian to be able to apply. The work permit can be renewed and is often only good for a year or two.

International Experience Canada Visa


International Experience Canada visa is a program opened by the Canadian government for individuals from India who want to enter the country to work in various industries, including healthcare and nanny work.


Eligibility criteria for this type of visa include ages 18 and 35 and a job offer from any employer in Canada. The applicant must also meet specific language and education requirements. This type of work permit lasts only one to two years, but you can apply for renewal.

Why Is Canada A Popular Place For Nannies From India?

I know at some point you may have been asking yourself this question, and we’ve come up with answers to your puzzles. Check them out below:

High Demand for Caregivers


One of the reasons Canada is a  popular place for nannies from India is because of the high demand for caregiver jobs.


Canada also has an aging population and an increasing necessity for caregivers. So, they usually employ nannies to take care of their babies and aged parents while they go about their businesses.

Favorable Immigration Policies


A caregiver program in Canada enables individuals from other nations to come into the country and work as caregivers before eventually applying for permanent residence. The immigration policies are favorable to them.

Better Wages and Good Working Conditions


Compared to what they would make in India or other countries, Indian nannies can make more money and work in a better environment with access to more advanced equipment in Canada.

Cultural Similarities


Many Indian families that reside in Canada prefer to hire nannies from their native country who are familiar with their language and culture because Canada has a varied population.

Positive Reputation


For nannies and other immigrants, Canada is a desirable location because of its reputation as a friendly and tolerant society. They make the environment friendly and accommodating for all.

Eligibility Criteria for Nanny Visa to Canada From India

Applying for a nanny visa to Canada from India, there are specific eligibility criteria you must be able to meet, and they are as follow:


  • Work experience as a nanny or caregiver
  • Education: Sometimes, they demand that you must have completed higher education or secondary education
  • Language proficiency
  • Medical examination
  • Police clearance certificate to show that there are no criminal records
  • You must have gotten a valid employment offer from a Canadian employer
  • Work permit application

Steps to Follow for Indian Nanny Visa Application to Canada

If you’re interested in applying for an Indian nanny visa to Canada and you’re still finding it difficult to do so, below is a step-by-step guide you should follow:


Determine If You’re Eligible

The first step is to determine if you are eligible for the Indian Nanny Visa. You must be a citizen of India and must have secured a valid job offer as a nanny in Canada. You must also meet specific requirements, such as education, language proficiency, and work experience.

Get All Your Documents Ready


Once your eligibility has been established, put together all required documents, including your passport, transcripts of your academic and professional experience, an offer of employment letter, a security clearance certification, the results of your health test, and any other relevant records.

Complete the Application


Fill out the application form online or on paper. Provide accurate and complete information on the form and attach all the necessary documents.

Pay Fees

There is a certain amount of money you’re mandated to pay either online or offline at the VAC office. You can use your credit or bank draft to carry out the transaction.

Submit Application


Complete the application and pay the fees before submitting it online or in person at the VAC. You must provide your biometric data (fingerprints and a photo) if submitting in person.

Wait for Processing


The visa office will examine your application after submission. So, check the current processing times on the Government of Canada website since processing times vary.

Receive A Decision

Once the visa office reviews your application, you will receive a decision, and If approved, you will be issued a visa and can travel to Canada. However, if denied, you will receive a letter explaining why your application was rejected.

What Are The Job Duties and Responsibilities of a Nanny in Canada?

Before taking up any nanny or caregiver role, you need to know and understand what your duties and responsibilities are.


It is essential to acquaint yourself with your sole responsibilities to carry them out diligently. Below are some of the duties and roles of a nanny in Canada:


  • Providing top quality childcare and helping to care for aged parents
  • They help create a safe environment for children
  • Creating a structured routine
  • Providing educational activities to enable children to develop unique skills at home
  • Nannies are in charge of all housekeeping duties
  • They are to communicate with their employer always about their kids improvement and other areas the children need attention
  • The nanny must take the children to school and bring them back home. Although some schools provide these services but, the nanny must ensure to get them ready early enough

What is The Salary Range For An Indian Nanny In Canada?


The pay range for any Indian nanny in Canada is possible to change due to several variables, which include geography, experience, and job duties.


However, based on the most recent data, an Indian nanny in Canada is paid between $13 to $20 per hour or even more for the ones with good educational certificates.


Under the assumption of a full-time job requiring 40 hours per week, this translates to a salary range of $26,000 to $40,000 per year or even more.


It is significant to note that besides the nanny’s credentials and education, the salary range can change depending on the family’s demands and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Minimum Age for an Indian Nanny in Canada?


There is no specific age minimum for an Indian nanny in Canada. All they require is the requirements and qualifications.

What is the Indian Nanny Qualification In Canada?


There are no special educational requirements or qualifications for an Indian nanny or any other nanny in Canada. However, you must satisfy the requirements for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and obtain a work permit to work as a nanny in Canada legally.

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Final Thought

Finally, getting a nanny visa to Canada from India is not as easy as most people think if you don’t understand how it works. So far, in this post, we discussed the type of nanny visa program available, the eligibility criteria, and how you can get them. This guide will help you if you want to travel from India to Canada to work as a nanny.

June 2024