Human Resources Manager At Fair Trade Outsourcing

Job Description/Requirements

Roles and Responsibilities

An HR Manager – Employee Relations and Compliance shall:

  • Oversee and maintain control and supervision over the functions of the Human Resources Supervisor – Recruitment and Selection process, Employee Relations, Records Supervisor, Human Resources Business Partners (HRBPs), and other members of the Human Resources – Employee Relations.
  • Administer efficient working of all team member services and develop effective programs for all employee programs and manage all communication with employees in compliance with all policies.
  • Administer all communications with all employees and managers and identify all issues for various programs and assist all team members in all government agency policies and procedures and manage all recruitment activities and associate training.
  • Perform investigation of various employee activities and resolve all issues and provide support to all organization activities and facilitate efficient quality services in all programs and manage communication with all employees.
  • Provide technical support to all internal and external programs and maintain effective professional relationships with all employees and administer all projects and develop and implement various personnel programs and recommend ways to reduce cost.
  • Develop and execute various orientation programs for new employees and help understand all job responsibilities and company policies and procedures and supervise the effective working of all affirmative action plans and achieve all objectives.
  • Manage all associate activities with employees to plan and supervise all actions and participate in all unemployment hearings.
  • Design and provide updates to all job descriptions and perform regular wage surveys on the same.
  • Attend various seminars and meetings for the company and supervise all repairs for all employee programs and ensure efficient handling of all programs.
  • Collaborate and perform various reviews for boards and manage all discrimination complaints and develop tools to mitigate all risks.
  • Maintain knowledge of all unemployment appeals and participate in various company hearings and attend training seminars and resolve all issues faced by employees.
  • Coordinate with employees and management to resolve all issues and recommend disciplinary action if required and participate in various SEC meetings. Serves as point-of contact for all ad Hoc and other related tasks that may be assigned from time to time.
  • Make sure that the policies, rules and regulations are updated and not contrary to Ghana labor laws, regulations, and jurisprudence.
  • Regulate the processing and/or disclosure of employees’ and candidates’ sensitive personal information in compliance with Ghana Law.

Corporate Responsibilities

  • Leading by example as a role model for Fair Trade Outsourcing’s mission, vision, and Agents Bill of Rights (ABOR).
  • Driving the delivery of business and corporate plans for your own areas of responsibility
  • Taking a proactive approach to risk management, ensuring risks and issues are identified, addressed, and reported and, where appropriate, escalated.
  • Managing individuals or teams through line management and/or matrix management arrangements as required, ensuring performance is managed and adequate resourcing is planned to meet objectives.
  • Must be fully aware of and actively complying with Fair Trade Outsourcing’s policies and procedures relevant to your own responsibilities and to corporate policies and procedures including equality, sustainability and the environment, health and safety, and data protection
  • Performing any other reasonable duties as directed by the Global HR Manager and VP for Global HR.

Location: Accra

Employment Type: Full Time

Salary Range: Attractive


June 2024