General Manager At IIE Rosebank College

Rosebank University will be the first ADvTECH University affiliated with IIE-Rosebank College.

IIE-Rosebank College wants to appoint a General Manager (“GM”) to oversee Rosebank University (“RU”)in Accra. The GM will lead a team responsible for managing and delivering student recruitment and admissions plans aimed at helping to achieve RU’s ambitious targets for Ghana.

The GM will be responsible for controlling and overseeing all aspects of RU, including but not limited to the creation and implementation of the strategic plans, ensuring the delivery of a meaningful value proposition, overall growth (enrolment, revenue, and EBIT), sustainability, financial and human capital returns, positioning in the marketplace, creating and maintaining sound relationships with all stakeholders and ensuring compliance with relevant legislation. The GM is expected to be the key spokesperson for RU, Gahana’s vision, values, and objectives.

The GM will have to be appointed as one of the statutory directors as required for ADvTECH Ghana Limited and will take full responsibility for the company as described in the Companies Act.

Position Description

The incumbent will work in an In-country team that manages RU, Accra, an independent, internationally-oriented Institution of Higher Learning affiliated with the Independent Institute of Education Rosebank College. RU will offer programmes across various disciplines, including arts, business, hospitality management, engineering, and construction, and eventually expand into health and medicine, information and communication technology, law, mathematics, and natural sciences.

The GM for Accra will act as the main point of contact for public and private sector stakeholders in Ghana and coordinator of programme communications, technical activities, and engagement in South Africa. Where appropriate, the Country Manager for South Africa will serve as a technical advisor to support programme activities in the region.

In addition to position-specific functions, the Employee shall perform the following general functions:

  • Develop and maintain collegial, productive relationships with statutory and regulatory authorities in Ghana while achieving the specified objectives.
  • Develop and maintain collegial, productive relationships with the IIE Rosebank College while achieving the specified objectives as determined by the Managing Director and CFO.
  • Ensure that all scheduling, budgeting, technical, and documentary attributes of the Work Plan, including but not limited to scopes of work, CVs, approvals, deliverables, and other contractually required documentation, under the responsibility of the employee are entirely up to date in the programme electronic and hard-copy files no less frequently than monthly, and that all such documentation is compliant with the donor requirements, programme policies and the program work plan.
  • Conduct all business in a manner that respects local culture.
  • Effectively inspire, lead, manage, and ensure the day-to-day personal performance of all staff under the Employee’s supervision in compliance with the Program Work Plan and the programme administrative and policy manual.
  • Always maintain high ethical standards, avoiding actual or perceived conflicts of interest.
  • Abide by all local laws, regulations, and directives, whether written or verbal; and
  • Perform all tasks assigned as required to contribute to achieving RU’s goals and objectives.


Minimum Skills, Education & Experience

  • A recognized Master’s degree. An MBA and PhD are preferred.
  • At a minimum of ten (10) years of professional experience in the higher education sector (policy, regulatory experience advantageous)
  • Specific knowledge and experience of the higher education sector and relevant local and regional institutions in Ghana are required. Ideally, the candidate will have relationships with and connections with the higher education sector in South Africa
  • Experience developing relationships and working in South Africa in close coordination with the government.
  • Strategic thinker with experience laying out and designing strategies to solve higher education challenges.
  • Fully proficiency in English is required, with proven English writing and oral communication skills, strong research skills, teamwork, and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong consulting skills and ability to present ideas clearly and coherently in PowerPoint. High proficiency in Microsoft Office suite (e.g., Excel, Project, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Strong individual initiative, including the ability to take ownership of work and work product, motivate others to produce strong work product and solve problems.
  • Quarterly travel to South Africa.

Additional Information & Application Method

Interested applicants should:


February 2024