Senior Investment Executive At CHEP Network

Job Description

CHEP Network is looking for a new breed of Senior Investment Executive

We are looking for an Investment Trader that loves creativity, and the opportunities new technologies and thinking provides. Change is something you thrive on and moving fast keeps it interesting for you.

In the addressable era, the dynamics of growth are changing, and new marketing economics are emerging. Changes in the tools and technologies used to plan and trade media are creating a new set of conditions for how we build growth for our brands.

For media strategy, planning and buying this means managing the many trade-offs and decisions on where we invest and how we show up. At CHEP Media we call this Growth Based Planning, and it’s how we create competitive advantage for our clients within the confines of a new economy.



  • Assisting in Implementation Planning and the delivery of Media Buying, spanning both offline and online media types, powered by highest excellence in data, technology, and automation.
  • Ensuring client campaigns are executed and amplified in an effective, efficient, and future facing way. The scope of Investment incorporates traditional media (TV, Cinema, Out of Home, Radio, Print) and the online evolution of traditional media (Addressable TV, Programmatic OOH, Music Streaming and Podcasting
  • Working with the Investment Lead and Assoicate Investment Director to help develop our relationship with media partners.
  • Helping to educate the wider agency and other departments on Media.
  • Managing investment workflow and administration on channels like TV, radio, Cinema, Outdoor, Print & Broadcast Video On Demand.


  • An understanding of the industry. Ideally 1-2years of integrated experience. Experience in TV Trading is preferred.
  • Great attention to detail.
  • Great time management.
  • The ability to work with Account Service in the ongoing management of our clients.The ability to work through a task in a logical manner.
  • A desire to improve processes and work flows where needed. We are always looking for ways we can operate better.
  • The ability to work in a team and with other departments in the agency to solve client’s business problems.
  • The desire to progress up into more senior roles through trading or strategic media planning.

Other things that would make you excel in this role

  • An ambition to change the way things are done
  • Is not intimidated by the idea of working in new ways and with new technology

Who is CHEP Network?


…is often an over-used industry cliché. But the changes impacting our lives and our clients’ businesses are more real and radical than ever before.

How we shop, how we bank, how we work, how we exercise, and how we make choices is rapidly evolving. The values that drive people are fundamentally changing.

When what matters to people changes, society transforms and a new economy takes shape – one of consumers who expect brands to be making a positive impact on the world.

These changes are the catalyst for us to reimagine our business around the new economy customer’s needs, and develop a new agency model that will ensure creativity is at the heart of our clients’ continued growth, no matter the channel.


Today, brands need to adapt to new channels, technologies, experiences, social goals, environmental needs and operating speeds.

New Economy Creativity harnesses two powerful drivers of change: creativity and technology. It is diverse and data driven; and relentless in finding the most compelling way to hold attention and impact how people think, feel and act.

It’s about helping companies reorientate to make long-lasting positive impacts. Its focus is on building future brands that are positive forces, while converting existing demand.

The diversity of the challenges at CHEP make it a fulfilling place to work, and a crash course in every skill you need – creative, strategy, experience, data, media, social, PR, technology, e-commerce, experiential, and research is all under one roof. We let creativity live in every department, and it’s all pulled together by our first-class Leadership team.

We’re looking for the best and brightest talent who can continue to connect a brand’s experience in more creative and innovative ways than anyone else.

Please note: All applicants must have the right to work in Australia.

Clemenger Group is an equal opportunity employer and committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace. We welcome people of all backgrounds and can assist with your application if you have a language or cultural special consideration, disability or impairment, or use assistive technology – simply contact us via [email protected].


February 2024