Resource mobilization and Partnership Analyst, Cairo, Egypt At UNFPA – United Nations Population Fund

Job Identification : 10743

Locations : Cairo, Egypt

Posting Date : 05/18/2023, 07:35 AM

Apply Before : 06/08/2023, 07:35 AM

Job Schedule : Full time

Vacancy Type : Temporary

Contract Duration : 6 months

Education and Work Experience : Bachelor’s Degree – 2 year(s) experience OR High School certificate- 5 year(s) experience

Required Languages : English

Desired Languages

Knowledge of a second UN language is an asset.

Job Category : Resource Mobilization

Job Description

The Position:

Within the framework of strengthening the resource mobilization and strategic partnership (RMP) architecture at corporate level. An in tandem with enhancing UNFPA capacity and scope of work at regional level with the main goal scaling up support for resource mobilization and partnership building efforts – the staff member will support the RMPA in overall tasks including donor engagement; quality assurance of donor proposals, and reporting; capacity development and skills development support; RMP work plan monitoring; event organization and management; write up and review of proposals and reports (including support to quality assurance (QA) mechanism for EU reports and review); coordination with UN partners on Joint regional proposals; follow up on reporting; communication and coordination with donors; strategic partnership building tasks and follow up; support to admin/finance functions as needed. The staff member shall work under supervision of Resource Mobilization and Partnership Adviser (RMPA), and in close cooperation with relevant advisers and teams within RO/COs/HQ.

You will report to Resource Mobilization and Partnership Adviser (RMPA).

How you can make a difference:

UNFPA is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled. UNFPA’s strategic plan (2022-2025), reaffirms the relevance of the current strategic direction of UNFPA and focuses on three transformative results: to end preventable maternal deaths; end unmet need for family planning; and end gender-based violence and harmful practices. These results capture our strategic commitments on accelerating progress towards realizing the ICPD and SDGs in the Decade of Action leading up to 2030. Our strategic plan calls upon UN Member States, organizations and individuals to “build forward better”, while addressing the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on women’s and girls’ access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights, recover lost gains and realize our goals.

In a world where fundamental human rights are at risk, we need principled and ethical staff, who embody these international norms and standards, and who will defend them courageously and with full conviction.

UNFPA is seeking candidates that transform, inspire and deliver high impact and sustained results; we need staff who are transparent, exceptional in how they manage the resources entrusted to them and who commit to deliver excellence in programme results.

You would be responsible for:

1. Resource Mobilization:

  •  Conduct research, analysis and provide intelligence on humanitarian and development funding, donor trends, priorities, funding landscape and aid environment in the Arab region; Deliverables: 1 Donor environmental scanning completed; number of donor Briefing Notes in place.
  •  Support to the analysis of Funding gaps at CO level with reference to CPDs and relevant programme documents; in consultation with relevant COs and relevant staff in RO. Deliverable: Country Office Funding gap analysis in place
  •  Follow up on ongoing migration projects (Libya (EUTF migration project), ensuring timely and quality reporting; and providing support in the write up of reports including Financial reports Deliverables: Number of Donor Reports (for Libya EUTF Migration projects) are duly completed, reviewed for quality assurance and in place.
  •  Quality assurance support to the regional office peer review and quality assurance mechanism of proposals and reports (including support to drafting and review of all EU/ECHO proposals and reports) in coordination with RMPA and BO; Deliverables: number of proposals and reports duly completed, with focus on EU/ECHO project reports (including reporting for ongoing EU projects in Djibouti, Jordan, Somalia, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia).
  •  Track core and non-core targets and update pipeline for mobilized resources in coordination with regional RMP focal points. Deliverables: Core and non-core resource targets in place; and monitoring of pipeline is duly completed throughout the year cycle.
  •  Support all capacity building efforts for RM including the design and delivery of training workshops, tailored training, coaching sessions, webinars and similar tools. Deliverables: One RM training is duly in place and successfully rolled out; one RM DocuSign Envelope ID: A59FF260-AF10-47DF-BC2A-A8702EA53506 webinars successfully convened.
  •  Support the convening of donor briefings, and targeted donor communication Deliverable: One donor briefing effectively in place.
  •  Support UNFPA participation in RM and P advocacy and strategic events including Pledging Conferences, the Philanthropy Roundtable, The CoP28, between others Deliverable: UNFPA-ASRO successfully participating at two annotated events with RM and P contribution, engagement and results.
  •  In coordination with the Communication Team, support the development of donor outreach material and publications (e.g. Funding overview for Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya), situation reports for humanitarian settings, donor reports and advocacy tools for external audience Deliverables: Number of donor targeted communication products in place.
  •  Support the planning and coordination of all RM and partnership missions by senior management, RMPA and relevant HQ/CO staff Deliverables: Number of senior management and RMPA missions effectively completed.

2. Donor Proposal Quality Assurance, and Other Resources Monitoring:

  •  Draft concept notes, project proposals and briefs as well as support negotiations by RMPA over technical and financial requirements to roll out project opportunities with donors in coordination with COs Deliverables: Number of project proposals/Concept Notes drafted with COs and at Regional level.
  •  Provide support to reprogramming, waivers, and NCE requests by COs; and support at regional and country level the development of relevant proposals and budget revisions; Deliverables: Waivers, NCEs and reprogramming of projects under other resources effectively in place; monitoring of CO implementation of OR in place.
  •  Support RMPA in coordination of submissions of proposals to the EU/ECHO (Developmental, and DG ECHO) for UNFPA in the Arab Region, while ensuring compliance with quality standards and contractual requirements; Deliverables: Number of EU quality proposals duly completed and submitted.
  •  Support RMPA in the coordination of UNFPA contribution to Pledging Conferences with focus on Syria, Somalia (Horn of Africa), Sudan between others Deliverables: UNFPA ASRO contribution to Pledging Conferences duly in place.

3. Strategic Partnerships:

  •  Support to development of new strategic partnerships at the regional level; and support to COs in strategic partnership guidance, policy roll out and Due Diligence processes Deliverables: Number of strategic partnerships in place with Due Diligence successfully completed.
  •  Support the follow up on the Strategic Partnership; including the conclusion of CO integrated Resource Mobilization and Strategic Partnership Plans with development of new Country Programmes Deliverables: CO Integrated Resource Mobilization and Partnership Plans in place as part of new programme development Cycle (Sudan in 2023). Support UNFPA participation in important partnership, RM, and advocacy events/fora including Deliverables: Participation in key events successfully.

4. Other Tasks:

  •  RMP Work Plan and budget Monitoring
  •  Track the implementation of the RMP work Plan for 2023; budget implementation and review; and timely delivery of milestones Deliverable: Timely implementation of RMP work Plan effectively in place.
  •  Oversight over operational transactions and Finance/Admin tasks under RMP Deliverables: Operational transaction under RMP successfully completed in coordination with Operation team
  •  Any other duties as required by the Supervisor.

Additional Deliverables:

The candidate is expected to deliver the following within the duration of the Consultancy (kindly refer to section above with specific deliverables):

  •  Review of a number of ECHO proposals, and relevant support to the peer review mechanism – Completed review of progress reports for projects in support of COs including all EU reports (for UCE03, EUB32, EUB42, EUB54, EUB15,and EU/ECHO progress reports for new EU projects under application).
  •  Quality review of non-EU donor reports in place (including JPD48, DKA67, KRA52,ESA58 between others).
  •  Follow up and dedicated support to UCE03 (Djibouti) progress report review in place (in coordination with RMPA/BO team and Djibouti CO) – Arab States co-financing and core resources Pipeline is updated with the conclusion of each month.
  •  One Resource mobilization virtual training successfully delivered (Regional or CO tailored training).
  •  Two knowledge sharing webinar successfully organized for RM – One webinar for strategic partnership organized.
  •  Two country coaching meeting for RM successfully coordinated and organized.
  •  Review and support to the writing of five donor CNs/proposals.
  •  Donor and partners briefing successfully organized in anticipation of ICPD30, or for key area of focus.
  •  Three ongoing strategic partnerships successfully supported.
  •  One new partnership successfully in place.
  •  RMP work plan and budget successfully monitored and implementation oversight delivered.
  •  RMP Admin/Finance Tasks successfully completed.


Bachelor degree in social science and/or development related disciplines, political science, international relations, middle East studies, or other;

Knowledge and Experience:

  •  Two years of relevant professional experience in international development and/or public relations, research preferably with the UN.
  •  Relevant experience in resource mobilization or partnerships building, including experience at the international level.
  •  Relevant work experience with UN, bi-lateral, and multilateral donors/agencies and/or non-governmental organizations.
  •  Proven technical skills in the development of Concept Notes, project proposals, and reporting.
  •  Familiarity with UNFPA mandate, programmes, guidance, and policies.
  •  Experience with UNFPA is highly desirable.
  •  Strong writing and communication skills.
  •  Logistical and event management skills.


Proficiency in English required, knowledge of a second UN language is an asset

The Consultant position is located in Cairo, Egypt, with travel on relevant missions as needed. The consultant will be provided with an office space and required IT equipment to perform its duties.


UNFPA does not charge any application, processing, training, interviewing, testing or other fee in connection with the application or recruitment process. Fraudulent notices, letters or offers may be submitted to the UNFPA fraud hotline

In accordance with the Staff Regulations and Rules of the United Nations, persons applying to posts in the international Professional category, who hold permanent resident status in a country other than their country of nationality, may be required to renounce such status upon their appointment.


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