Grants Manual Development Consultant at International Organization for Migration

1. **Duration of Consultancy:**1st October to 15th December 2022

2. Nature of the consultancy: Grants Manual Development Consultant

3. Project Context and Scope: The Community Resilience Activity-North (CRA-North) Project is designed to support community-level resilience development and conflict prevention activities within the newly merged districts (NMDs) of Khyber, Kurram, North Waziristan and Orakzai within Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Province. CRA-North has pursued a multi-disciplinary and community participatory approach and worked in close coordination with the Government of Pakistan (GoP) at the regional and district levels. CRA-North has designed and implemented grant-funded resilience-focused activities directly and through services of Implementing Partners (IPs), contributing to the following objectives that will collectively reduce the marginalization amongst targeted communities within the NMDs: increased civic engagement, enhanced social cohesion, and economic reintegration of Temporarily Displaced Persons (TDPs).

The Grants Department within the CRA-North Project is working under the overall supervision of the CRA-North Program Manager/Chief of Party, while it is directly managed by the CRA-North Grants Officer. One of the department’s major responsibilities is to guide the project staff members’ compliance with the Grants Activity Cycle Handbook in efforts to ensure effective grants cycle management and coordination among all relevant departments within the project team for such purpose. In that the current version of the Handbook was last updated in November 2020; it needs to be updated in reflection of up-to-date operational contexts of the CRA-North Project, as well as methods of grants cycle management that have been evolved accordingly in recent years.

Therefore, CRA-North aims to bring a consultant onboard to support the Grants Department’s activity to review and revise the Grants Activity Cycle Handbook. The document is expected to outline grant award administration requirements, compliance and reporting requirements, audits and reviews, and grant close-out, as well as how IOM’s cross-cutting themes such as gender and youth will be addressed in the grants cycle management processes. Additionally, the manual will ensure that the grants management process will be further streamlined, thereby reducing the project staff members’ compliance burden and enhancing their accountability to the grants management process.

4. Organizational Department / Unit to which the Consultant is contributing: Community Resilience Activities – North , International Organization of Migration.

6. Category B Consultants: Tangible and measurable outputs of the work assignment

Tasks to be performed under this contract: In close coordination with Grants Officer who will provide tangible inputs and other relevant support for the assignment, the successful candidate is expected to do the following.

  1. Undertake a detailed desk review of the Grants Activity Cycle Handbook and other relevant documents to support his/her assignment.
  2. Draft an updated Grants Activity Cycle Handbook by:
    1. Documenting the entire grant management process covering pre-award process for both IOM’s direct implementation and selected IPs; financial and project management, reporting and compliance requirements; monitoring and evaluation; and grants close-out procedures;
    2. Conducting a benchmarking analysis of the grants management manual with those of other organizations implementing similar projects adopting small grants modalities;
    3. Reflecting IOM’s Resource Management rules, policies, and regulations, as well as USAID’s standards and regulations; and
    4. Outlining how the manual will facilitate the project’s efforts to mainstream cross-cutting themes including gender and youth.
  3. Provide final presentation(s) to brief structures and features of the updated manual and how to use it and to gather audience’s inputs on how to further streamline the grants management processes within the updated framework.

Tangible and Measurable Work Outputs with Tentative Delivery Dates

  1. Submission of a draft outline of the grants manual (by 10 October 2022): The consultant will conduct the review of existing materials related to the present grants management process within the CRA-North outline a plan to carry out the assignment within a given timeframe (maximum 5 pages).
  2. Submission of a draft grants manual to be reviewed by CRA-North Grants Department and other relevant senior management team member(s) (by 30 October 2022)
  3. Submission of a revised grants manual incorporating comments from the management review (by 20 November 2022)
  4. Delivery of a presentation(s) of the developed manual (by 30 November 2022) to end users within the CRA-North team and other stakeholders
  5. Submission of the final grants manual and presentation report (by 10 December 2022): The consultant will submit the final version of the grants manual. Additionally, the incumbent will submit a report summarizing the presentation contents and discussion points. The report should also include recommendations for streamlining the grants management processes within the updated framework gathered from the audience (maximum 15 pages).

7. Performance indicators for the evaluation of results

– # of a outline of the grants manual reviewed and approved: 1

– # of the grants manual approved: 1

– # of the presentation report produced: 1

– # of staff members within CRA-North to learn features of the developed grants manual for their future use: 20

8. Education, Experience and/or skills required

  • Advanced university degree in Social Sciences, Humanities, Business Administration, Development Studies, Statistics or other related fields, or an equivalent combination of education and professional experience
  • A minimum of ten years of work experience with grants management
  • A minimum of five years of professional experiences with international organizations/NGOs working on community resilience, civic engagement, social cohesion, livelihoods programming as a grants manager
  • Relevant experiences developing and/or reviewing grants management manual for international organizations issuing grants to IPs
  • Working knowledge of USAID grants management processes and those of other international donors
  • Work experiences with or for international donor organizations and donor requirements
  • Proven knowledge of inclusion and youth/gender mainstreaming in grants management and administration processes

9. Travel required

For the first 60 days of the assignment, the consultant will be required to work from office in Islamabad, Pakistan. There is no travel required within Pakistan, however. For the last 15 days, the consultant can remotely work from home while finalizing the grants manual and presentation report.

10. Competencies


· Inclusion and respect for diversity: respects and promotes individual and cultural differences; encourages diversity and inclusion wherever possible.

· Integrity and transparency: maintains high ethical standards and acts in a manner consistent with organizational principles/rules and standards of conduct.

· Professionalism: demonstrates ability to work in a composed, competent and committed manner and exercises careful judgment in meeting day-to-day challenges.

Core Competencies – behavioural indicators

· Teamwork: develops and promotes effective collaboration within and across units to achieve shared goals and optimize results.

· Delivering results: produces and delivers quality results in a service-oriented and timely manner; is action-oriented and committed to achieving agreed outcomes.

· Managing and sharing knowledge: continuously seeks to learn, share knowledge and innovate.

· Accountability: takes ownership for achieving the Organization’s priorities and assumes responsibility for own action and delegated work.

· Communication: encourages and contributes to clear and open communication; explains complex matters in an informative, inspiring and motivational way.

How to apply

Interested candidates are requested to send their Cvs on email id ([email protected])

Closing date of applications: 14 August 2022.

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