Digital Marketer / Media Manager At BlueCrest University College

We are looking for a Digital Marketer/ Media manager who will shape our social media brand voice, monitor social media content for our organization and specialize in capturing moments/ taking photos, processing images, using images to convey stories, and ensuring they meet the desired results.

The Digital Marketer/ Media manager will manage our social media strategies, organise social media campaigns, and create responses to community comments. You must work with our business plan and maintain various social media profiles.

Duties/ Responsibilities:

  • Developing creative and engaging social media strategies, content, and campaigns for all platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the school’s blog).
  • Managing and facilitating the day-to-day handling of all social media channels, engaging with followers, updating pages, and responding to social media posts and inquiries.
  • Promoting the institution’s services, and content over social media, in a way that is consistent with the institution’s brand.
  • Capture and process images until you achieve desired results and constantly improve image quality using various editing methods.
  • Maintain an in-depth understanding of photography best practices and procedures, arrange objects, scenes, lighting and background to adhere to specifications.
  • Ensure all pictures are appropriate, processed, cataloged and ready in time to meet deadlines.
  • Regularly liaising with the graphic designer and marketing manager in developing creatives and communication for internal and external use of the institution.
  • Tracking, analyzing and reporting on the performance of all social media campaigns using metrics and engagement. (Facebook Insight, Google Ads, Google Analytics, enquiry portal including social media influencers).
  • Collaborations with all Campuses of Openlabs, sourcing of materials to promote the Institution, create more brand awareness and ensure brand consistency.
  • Implementing search engine optimization approaches to boost web traffic. Staying up to date with social media marketing trends and latest digital technologies

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Excellent written and oral communication and negotiation skills
  • Digital marketing experience and critical thinking abilities
  • Time management and content management
  • Use and maintain modern and traditional technical equipment (cameras, lenses etc.), proven professional shooting experience and knowledge of Photoshop.
  • Shooting, lighting and printing skills.
  • Knowledge of the production process for online publishing and various printing applications.
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks.

Qualification Required & Experience:

  • The candidate must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations, or any related field preferred.
  • Minimum 2 years of professional work experience.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.


July 2024