Curriculum Development Framework At ATAF

Scope of the Assignment
The assignment will be two folds, a general curriculum framework for ATAF and secondly, a customized curriculum framework for South Sudan Revenue Authority (SSRA) which is being supported by  ATAF in developing her training strategy. For both sets of frameworks the Consultant is expected to develop the underlying principles and standards, within which actual curriculum content will be developed from.  Specifically, the Consultant will be expected to articulate the knowledge, competencies and skills that trained tax officials are expected to attain. Specifically, the curriculum framework should contain elements provided but not limited to the below:
1.         Scope and Sequence: The curriculum frameworks should outline the scope (breadth) and sequence (order) of content to be covered for functional areas in tax and customs while ensuring logical professional progression.
2.         Standards and Learning Outcomes: Curriculum frameworks should be organized around specific learning outcomes that define what course participants should know and be able to do. These standards should provide a clear roadmap for curriculum development and assessment.
3.         Units and Lessons: Content in curriculum frameworks should be organized into units or modules, each focusing on a specific topic or theme. Within each unit, there may be further breakdowns into individual lessons or activities.
4.         Interdisciplinary Connections: To be able to grow total tax persons, curriculum frameworks should emphasize the integration of multiple subject areas or disciplines to provide a more holistic and interconnected approach to learning. Content should be organized to highlight these interdisciplinary connections.
5.         Differentiation: Additionally, the curriculum frameworks should include strategies for differentiating instruction to meet the diverse needs of participants. Content may be organized in a way that allows for flexibility and adaptation based on participant strengths, interests, and learning styles.
6.         Spiral Curriculum: The Consultant will advise if the spiral approach will be useful in the taxation space in enhancing learning because in a spiral curriculum framework, content is revisited and built upon in a repetitive manner, allowing participants to deepen their understanding over time. This approach emphasizes the importance of reinforcing key concepts and skills through repeated exposure.
7.         Assessment and Evaluation: The curriculum frameworks should include guidelines for assessing participants learning and progress. Content may be organized to align with specific assessment criteria and performance indicators.
Overall, the organization of content in a curriculum framework should be designed to provide a coherent and structured approach to facilitating trainings and learning, ensuring that participants have a well-rounded and comprehensive educational experience.

Required profile for job ad : Curriculum Development Framework

The Individual expert is expected to have among others the following qualifications and key competencies:a) At least a university graduate in Education, Adult learning, Knowledge management, Curricula development, or other but related disciplines.b) Proof of delivery of at least three (3) similar assignments with reputable organization.c) Expertise in the field of andragogy and Organization Development.d) Knowledge/understanding of prerequisite skills in the taxation and customs field.e) Prior work/engagement with tax administration will be an added advantage.f) Fluency in either English or French.g) Strong computer skillsh) Communication skills

Job criteria for job ad : Curriculum Development Framework

  • Job category : Services
  • Industries : Research and development
  • Employment type : Temporary work
  • Region : Ashanti – Brong Ahafo – Central – Eastern – Greater Accra – Northern – Upper East – Upper West – Volta – Western – International
  •  City : Pretoria
  • Experience level : 2 to 5 years
  • Educational level : Bachelor
  •  Spoken language : english > fluent
  •  Number of Position(s) : 1


July 2024